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7 Common Causes of Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents 

7 Common Causes of Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents There’s no question that riding your motorcycle offers a sense of freedom and fun. Unfortunately, it also comes with risks. It doesn’t matter how much care you take when you ride; if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it can result in serious and life-changing injuries.

Many motorcycle accidents occur because of the recklessness or negligence of other drivers on the road. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, you deserve to receive compensation from the at-fault party. Our legal team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help gather evidence for your case to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents

While there are several possible causes of motorcycle accidents in Connecticut, there are some causes that are more common than others.

The most common causes include:

1. Head-On Collisions

There are many motorcycle accidents that involve some type of head-on collision. This typically happens between a motorcycle rider and another vehicle.

Sometimes, this collision occurs if a driver veers or drifts into the other lane or oncoming traffic. This may happen because the driver is falling asleep, distracted, intoxicated, or fatigued. Since most motorcycles are designed with just a single headlight, many drivers don’t even realize they are headed straight at a motorcyclist.

2. Vehicles Making a Left-Hand Turn

Someone driving a passenger vehicle (or another vehicle) may collide with a motorcycle if they do not use their signal before they turn left or if they don’t yield to a motorcycle that is coming their way when turning left. Sometimes, drivers have a hard time determining the speed and distance of a motorcycle. Because of this, they could begin to turn left even if the motorcycle is closer than they think. At this point, serious accidents and injuries may occur.

3. Motorcycles That Lane Split

Lane splitting is a term used to describe the act of riding a motorcycle in between lanes of traffic or the road lines. It may also be used to describe a situation where vehicles ride in the same lane of traffic as motorcyclists. This can happen if a driver doesn’t move to the other lane when they are passing someone on a motorcycle. The law provides the right for motorcycles to have the entire width of one lane of traffic. If a driver tries to pass a motorcycle in the same lane, then they create a high risk of an accident.

4. Speeding

There’s no question that speeding is the top cause of all car accidents. However, it is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. If a driver speeds, it means they may not be able to brake or avoid an accident with other vehicles on the road, including motorcycles. Also, speeding increases the risk to motorcycle riders. That’s because many drivers don’t notice when motorcycles are around them, especially if they are focusing on the other vehicles.

5. Use of Alcohol

The use of alcohol will impair a driver’s reflexes, vision, judgment, and focus. Because motorcycles are already harder to see on the road than other vehicles, impaired drivers are at a higher risk of hitting someone on a motorcycle. This may be because they did not look out for them or because they were unable to react quickly enough to avoid the accident.

6. Motorcycle vs. Fixed Object Collisions

If there is a fixed object on the road, it poses a serious collision hazard to motorcycle riders. This includes things like broken or bent guardrails, road signs, and more. Many motorcyclists don’t even realize how dangerous an accident with a fixed object can be. One reason for this is because if a motorcyclist hits an item and is thrown from their bike, they have minimal harm from the impact that occurs.

7. Road Hazards

There are all types of road hazards that may not be as dangerous to passenger vehicles as they are to motorcycles. These include things like animals, ice, oil slicks, plant matter, gravel, expansion joints, potholes, and broken pavement. All these things can impact a rider’s balance and cause them to have a serious accident.

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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Connecticut caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, you have the legal right to recover compensation. You can contact us, at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, to review the facts of your case and provide you with quality representation to help you get the damages you deserve. The first step is to get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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