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Common Causes of Connecticut Truck Accidents 

common causes of truck accidents connecticutTruck accidents cause hundreds of accidents on Connecticut roadways every year. Unfortunately, the size and weight of these trucks often result in catastrophic injuries to those involved. 

One of the best ways to prevent being injured in a Connecticut truck accident is to get to know some of the most common causes. It’s also important to remember if you are injured in a truck accident, it’s in your best interest to contact our legal team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

The Top Causes of Connecticut Truck Accidents

Truck drivers must undergo significant training to receive their commercial driver’s license. However, even when they are given superior training and support, mistakes may still occur. Driver errors that result in accidents occur on the road all the time. 

Getting to know some of the most common causes of truck accidents is a must. These include:

Poor Training or Inexperience 

Truck drivers are on the road for many hours every day. Because of this, their job causes a lot of pressure and stress. Many drivers spend a lot of time away from home and their families, making the job even more challenging. 

Because of these factors, it’s often difficult for trucking companies to keep plenty of drivers on-staff to handle the huge workload. If a trucking company is short-staffed, they may begin to hire inexperienced drivers or even skip the training required to provide, which means other people on the roads are at risk. 

Driver Fatigue 

According to federal law, truck drivers must take breaks after they have driven for a set amount of time. Fatigued drivers are much more likely to cause serious and catastrophic accidents. Unfortunately, modern trucking companies may apply pressure to drivers and encourage them to cut corners, resulting in fatigued drivers being on Connecticut roadways for long periods of time. 


The major trucking companies often use speed limiters or speed trackers on their company vehicles. However, not all trucks use this technology. Since trucks are so much bigger than traditional passenger vehicles, truck drivers who speed pose an even bigger risk on Connecticut roadways. 

When traveling at higher speeds, vehicles react slowly to faster changes in direction or speed due to the momentum that is built. Also, drivers don’t have as much control. Speeding is not only reckless but also negligent. If a truck driver speeds and causes an accident, they should be held liable. 

Distracted Driving

While distracted driving is dangerous for any driver on the road, it is particularly problematic when you are operating more than 80K pounds of materials and metal. While electronic devices (such as cellphones) are a huge problem, distractions can come from various sources. 

Some other tasks that may result in distracted driving include eating or drinking, using the navigation system, adjusting the climate control system, changing the radio, and more. All these things take a driver’s attention away from the road, increasing the likelihood of an accident. It only takes a second for an accident to occur, and when a large truck is involved, it can have dire consequences. 

Alcohol or Drug Use

Studies have shown that there are high drug abuse rates among today’s truckers. This includes the use of amphetamines to stay awake while on long hauls. In fact, a recent study revealed approximately 30% of truckers had used drugs and that just over 21% of them relied on stimulants to remain awake while on the road. 

Aggressive Driving

Most truck drivers travel long distances while on the road. They are also usually on the road for long periods of time. Most truckers are put under pressure to make deliveries on time and, as a result, may be more prone to road rage. If a trucker does not yield to the right of way, if they follow another driver too closely, tailgate, or cut someone off, they may cause harm to themselves or other drivers. 

Improper Cargo Loading

Trucking companies need to adhere to regulations regarding limits about the load’s height, width, length, size, and weight. There are also set rules about how cargo needs to be secured inside the truck. Other regulations have been established that focus on the transport of hazardous materials. 

If loads are too heavy or if they are not secured properly, it means that the cargo may start to shift while being moved or transported. This may cause the truck to tip over or even a jackknife accident. In some cases, cargo may fall off the truck, which can cause a catastrophic accident. 

Severe Weather 

Bad weather may reduce visibility for truck drivers. It will also make it difficult for drivers to control their trucks. Fog, wind, ice, snow, and rain can result in multi-truck or multi-care accidents along with serious and extensive injuries. 

Road Construction 

If truck drivers encounter challenging road construction, they may try to get around it by way of the median or road shoulder. This may result in the truck filling or even colliding with another vehicle. 

Vehicle or Brake Failure 

While most truck accidents occur because of driver error, this isn’t always the situation. In some cases, the trucking company or manufacturer of the truck is considered negligent because the vehicle was not properly inspected or maintained. There may also be a defective part. A common cause of truck accidents is brake failure. 

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It’s important to remember, that accident law can be complicated. Our team has decades of experience representing cases just like yours. We are ready to help you with your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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