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Femur fractures are common in all types of accidents

A broken femur is a very serious injury that takes significant time to heal. The cab of any vehicle can be breached in a Connecticut auto crash, sometimes driving the dashboard into passengers in the front seat. However, femur breaks are actually more common for cyclists and pedestrians because they have no protection when being hit by a vehicle.

Both fractures and clean breaks happen at a high rate, and both take considerable time and physical therapy for the bone to return to its former condition if possible. Either a femur break or a fracture is indeed a serious long-term personal injury.

What is the femur?

The femur is the long bone in the upper leg that connects the hip to the knee. It is the primary leg bone that provides strength when walking or doing practically anything while standing up. It is also one of the first body parts exposed when an accident occurs and the vehicle cab is penetrated or an airbag deploys unexpectedly. While air bags are generally considered necessary safety equipment, they can still create certain types of injuries even though they can protect passengers from fatal injuries.

Severity varies based on accident type

The femur is the strongest bone in the human body, and it takes a solid, blunt force to actually break a femur cleanly. Fractures are more common in vehicular accidents while femur breaks are most common in motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. The angle and height of the impact determine if the injury will be an upper or lower break; an upper break is called a hip or pelvic break, and the lower injury references as a broken knee in many instances. There is almost always additional damage to the connecting body components regardless of the break location.

An experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney may investigate the accident and all potential liable parties when an injury of this nature is suffered by a client. Personal injury claims involving broken femurs often have a significant element of damages because of long-term pain and suffering associated with rehabilitation.

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