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Hartford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ compensation is a vital part of the workforce. Injured workers can receive benefits to help them get back on their feet. However, navigating the worker’s compensation system can be difficult.

hartford-workers-compensation-and-work-injury-lawyersIf you have been injured on the job, it is important to speak with an experienced Hartford workers’ compensation lawyers who can help you file a claim and get the benefits you deserve.

A good lawyer will help ensure that you get the coverage and benefits to which you are entitled. If you have been injured at work, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in these cases, and your lawyer can help make sure that all of your rights are protected.

At Jonathan Perkins, we can help you file a claim and get the benefits you deserve. We have years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases, and we know what it takes to get results. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you get back on your feet.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system that provides wage replacement, medical care for work-related illness and injuries, rehabilitation benefits, vocational training, and death benefits to employees who are injured at work. It is funded by premiums paid by employers (usually as part of payroll) without regard to fault. 

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Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage if they have one or more employees; exceptions include Texas, where almost all employees are covered under its workers’ compensation law. Employees exempted from the requirement typically include sole proprietors of very small businesses or domestic workers employed directly by another person (rather than through an agency).

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act governs the rights and responsibilities of parties in Connecticut. The Act provides an exclusive remedy against the employer who employed the injured employee for claims for workers’ compensation benefits, occupational disease benefits, and third-party actions. 

This means that an employee cannot file a tort action at common law in lieu of filing a workers’ comp claim if they are otherwise entitled to coverage under Connecticut ‘s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Who Can File for Workers’ Compensation in Hartford?

As a general rule, an injured or ill worker is covered under the Connecticut Workers’ Comp Act, regardless of whether the injury took place at work or not. The only exception is for injuries that occur while commuting to and from your job site (in other words, walking, bussing, driving).

However, even in these cases where commuting injuries are concerned, it may be possible to make a claim under certain circumstances. For example, if someone else causes an accident that hurts you while you were commuting between home and work, you may be able to file for workers’ comp benefits.

Under Connecticut Workers’ Comp Law, an employer who provides worker comp insurance is required to pay weekly compensation benefits. This includes payment of medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses that the injured party incurs as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. 

What Benefits Does Hartford Workers’ Compensation Provide?

Workers’ compensation provides some or all of the following five things:

1. Medical Benefits 

The worker is entitled to receive the necessary medical treatment required for work-related injuries/illnesses. This includes but is not limited to medications, surgery, and therapy. 

2. Disability Benefits 

The worker may be entitled to disability benefits which are payable only after the injury has caused the employee to be unable to perform their duties 80% or more of their pre-injury job duties.

3. Wage Replacement Benefits 

These can be in the form of temporary or permanent disability benefits depending on the injury and whether the injured worker is able to return back to work after a treatment program such as physical therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and other programs designed for injured workers that are paid via state-run insurance fund.

4. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits 

If an employee has an injury that would prevent them from returning back to their job, they may be entitled to receive vocational rehab (rehabilitation) benefits to allow said individual enough time on entitlement leave, so they can recover against further earning capacity.

5. Death Benefits 

Dependents of an individual who dies as a result of work-related injury/illness are entitled to death benefits.

How Can a Hartford Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help?

The following are some ways through which a Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer can help:

1. Explore All Legal Avenues

An experienced worker will have all the knowledge about their rights, so they can explore each option to get the maximum settlement amount for their legal case. 

2. Guide You During the Process

An expert can guide you in making decisions that would help your case move forward instead of slowing it down by making wrong decisions.

3. Negotiate Any Claims Appropriately

A Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer understands what kind of claims should be presented to the other party and which ones should not since they have vast experience in this field. 

4. Prepare You For the Court Proceedings

A Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer can get you prepared to face the toughest questions during your deposition, cross-examination, and final argument with confidence so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to get compensated by your employer or insurance company.

5. File Your Petition Effectively

Not only will the Hartford workers’ compensation lawyers collect all legal documents and evidence needed, but they will also file them in a proper format without wasting time. This action increases the chances of winning the case since everything is done in accordance with law and order.

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Have you been injured in an accident or fall? Do You have question and want to know your legal options. Call 203-437-6190 for a free consultation and remember there is NO FEE unless WE Win.
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