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How truck driver fatigue can lead to unnecessary accidents

The demand for the services of truck drivers in Connecticut and across the United States rarely wanes. Even when cargo and product arrive by air or sea, it is this workforce that gets the shipments to their final destination. Since things happen on the road, or delays occur during the manufacturing process, there are times when drivers push themselves a little harder. While it shows their commitment, it can lead to fatigue.

There are laws on the books that protect truck drivers. At the same time, these regulations are also aimed at preventing truck crashes and related personal injury accidents. Drivers can also take it upon themselves to prevent fatigue. One recommendation is that they adjust their sleep schedules. They must reevaluate when they are sleeping and ensure they are getting enough rest.

A good diet also helps battle fatigue. Drivers are at the mercy of what is available on the road, but they can pick healthier options as well as pack their own lunches. Alcohol should be limited or eliminated completely during a run. Caffeine also has adverse effects on some individuals, so it should be limited. Drinking enough water is important, so drivers should be mindful of their hydration. Of course, truck drivers must keep an eye on the road at all times and be alert. Being aware of their environment is key too.

Individuals who are involved in an accident with a truck are advised to speak with a legal professional as soon as possible. A personal injury matter, especially involving a truck, is serious. Statistics show that fatalities are far more common for the passenger of a vehicle. Government agencies that study truck crashes noticed a slight uptick in 2018. Truck drivers are not always the cause of the accident, but a case must be thoroughly investigated in case a driver was suffering from fatigue.

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