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Maximizing Your Recovery After A Motor Vehicle Accident

The personal injury lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are ready to apply their knowledge and experience to your cause after you have suffered injuries in a traffic accident. Our mission is clear when we represent people harmed in motor vehicle crashes: We aim to hold wrongdoers responsible and ensure that our clients have the best chance at recovering as fully as possible, both physically and financially. We are here for you if you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident involving:

Tap Into The Power Of Perkins

Our advocacy for each client after a motor vehicle accident starts with caring and practical assistance. Strong support for our clients in tangible ways is a fundamental part of our proven approach. Our dedication includes:

  • Seeing to it that you have rides to doctor visits, if necessary
  • Going to the scene of an accident to take photos and get a clear view of the surroundings
  • Working with professional investigators while staying personally involved in our clients’ accident investigations
  • Diligently uncovering and pursuing all potential sources of compensation
  • Carefully reviewing medical reports
  • Listening to family members as they describe how the injured person’s life has changed since the accident

As we gather evidence, we get to work building strong legal arguments on behalf of the injured. This includes proving negligence and liability. We may present those arguments in settlement conferences and/or before a judge and jury. Our firm prepares every personal injury case as if it is going to trial.

Clear Communication Is A Key To Success

We keep our clients in the loop throughout their cases. Our goal is for them to be fully informed and updated at all times. When the time comes for them to decide whether to accept settlement offers or go to trial, we want them to be prepared to make the decisions that are best for their cases.

Get Started Without Delay

After you have been injured or have lost a family member in a motor vehicle accident, time is of the essence. A prompt investigation can get your case off to a good start. The first step is a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. Call 800-PERKINS or complete our online intake form to schedule a conversation with a lawyer at your earliest convenience.