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Negligent Acts

Negligence occurs when an individual fails to exercise reasonable care to avoid foreseeable harm to a person or property. Even if a person did not intend on causing harm, they can be found guilty of negligence. In a personal injury lawsuit, the victim must prove negligence in order to recover compensation for their losses.

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Victims Of Negligence

Negligence can consist of either action or inaction on behalf of the party responsible for the injury. A person can be found negligent if he or she fails to act as an ordinary reasonable person would behave under the same circumstances.

The law protects victims of negligent acts. What constitutes negligence depends on the circumstances of each individual case. Victims of negligence may be eligible for compensation of medical care, property damage or lost wages and time from work due to the injury

Acts of negligence cover a broad spectrum of personal injury and are typically the basis of any personal injury lawsuit. Negligence can cause motor vehicle accident injuries, product liability claims, dangerous drug lawsuits and premises liability issues.

Proving Negligence

In order to prove negligence, the victim (or the attorney they hire to fight on their behalf) must determine what a reasonable person would or would not, given the specific situation.

In some cases, negligence is defined by statute. This is known as negligence per se. In these types of cases, negligence can be determined by failure to comply with statutory requirements. Negligence per se can also be declared when an individual or entity does or fails to do something which is so far beyond reasonable behavior standards that it is negligent on its face.

Once it has been determined whether or not negligence has occurred, it needs to determine if there were any possible defenses to the negligence that has taken place.

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Negligence can be defined generally as any unintentional behavior that results in the injury of another. A negligent act can be anything from running a red light to failing to properly diagnose an illness that should have easily been diagnosed. Basically, a negligent act is acknowledging some type of standard and then violating that standard.

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