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Broken Collarbone

Also known as the clavicle, the collarbones are two horizontal bones that lay at the top of the chest region. Their function is to keep your shoulders in line and to protect many of the nerves and blood vessels that are located throughout the neck and shoulder area.

Broken Collarbone

A fractured collarbone is frequently caused by trauma directly to the collarbone or shoulder area. Persons who attempt to stop falls with an outstretched arm may cause a fractured collarbone as can directly falling onto your shoulder. The blunt force trauma of a car crash is also a common reason for a broken collarbone as a person’s shoulder or collarbone can easily come into contact with the steering wheel or dashboard, seat belt or other debris in the vehicle.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation statistics from 2008 note that New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut, are the 2nd and 3rd cities with most reported traffic incidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that caused a broken collarbone due to another individual’s negligence, the injured victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Our personal injury attorneys can assist you in figuring out if you maybe able to make a claim against the negligent party.

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What Causes A Broken Collarbone?

Broken collarbones are a common personal injury among children and teenagers as their bones are not fully reinforced until adulthood. Boys are also more prone to fracturing their collarbones as they are more likely to engage in roughhousing, contact sports and reckless behavior.

Some other common causes of a broken collarbone include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle and Cycling Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Malfunctioning Products (ladders, cribs, etc)
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Cheerleading Accidents


Violent attacks may also lead to a broken collarbone and in extreme cases a dog bite or attack could fracture a child or infant’s collarbone as well.

Symptoms Of A Broken Collarbone

Mild and serious clavicle fractures are possible and usually this type of injury does not cause the bone to puncture through the skin which may make it more difficult to notice than most other types of broken bones.

Some common mild and serious symptoms collarbone injuries can cause include:

  • Immediate pain the shoulder or collarbone area
  • Inability to lift or raise the affected arm
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • A bulge on or near the shoulder (this is often the bone extending out)
  • Numbing or tingling feelings in the arms and fingers of the affected side
  • A grinding noise when raising the arm


The pain caused by an injured collarbone could also cause nausea or dizziness if the injury is serious.

In more serious cases broken collarbones could also lead to:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Pinched Blood Vessels
  • Lung Injuries


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Any person who believes they may have an injured collarbone should seek medical attention immediately for a correct diagnosis and to begin the treatment needed for a full recovery.

Broken Collarbone Treatments

Doctors will often diagnose a collarbone injury by checking for common symptoms and through the use of x-rays to determine how severe the fracture is. A collarbone injury can take 6 to 12 weeks to heal and will likely require a nonoperative or surgical treatment.

  • Nonoperative

Medications may be prescribed to reduce swelling and pain, the use of a sling or splint will also be employed as clavicle fractures can heal on their own over time. Doctors may take additional x-rays throughout the healing period to keep a close eye on the injury.

  • Surgical

If the bone has broken in multiple places, has pierced through the skin, or was just is not healing properly it could be treated with surgery. Fixation devices such as a rod or nail may be used in the process to support the fracture during the healing process.

After treatment physical and occupational therapy is likely to restore muscle strength, flexibility and joint strength.

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