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Motorcycle-Truck Accidents

A motorcycle truck accident is among the most deadly types of auto accidents in the world. In Connecticut, traffic fatalities totaled 319 in 2010, a 42 percent increase. As the fatality rate increases, more and more attention is placed on the dangers involved in operating both a truck and a motorcycle, as these two vehicles are commonly associated with increased risk.

Motorcycle-Truck Accidents

In 2011, a total of 2,243,000 people were injured due to a motor vehicle crash. Of that total, motorcycles, light trucks, and large trucks accounted for 833,000 of the injured parties. While both vehicles present potential hazard separately, collision outcomes between the two of them are commonly devastating.

As a two-wheeled automobile, motorcycles are minimally visible targets on the road, typically resulting in severe damages to both the driver and passenger if an accident occurs. In contrast, trucks are significantly visible on the roads, yet their large structure increases the likelihood of a potentially enormous collision.

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Connecticut Motorcycle Truck Crashes

Nationally, the number of motor vehicle fatalities has decreased in total yearly counts. However, the number of fatalities has continued to increase in Connecticut. While speculations vary in regard to the causes of this fatality increase, growing populations and growing numbers in automobile owners have certainly contributed.

The drastic difference in size between a truck and a motorcycle significantly impacts the potential for life-changing consequences following a collision. Motorcyclists are difficult to see on the roadways and highways. Trucks typically travel on highways to transport goods, this means that the truck drivers are traveling at higher speeds.

The combination of large trucks traveling at high speeds and motorcycles traveling with a lack of visibility creates a disaster waiting to happen. As a truck driver, operators must be aware of motorcycles, their small size, potential blind spots, and the speed at which the motorcycle is traveling. As a motorcycle rider, motorists must be aware of nearby trucks, the speed at which they are traveling, and how close the truck itself is to the bike.

In general, as the number of motorcycle truck accidents continues to increase, the objective is to further boost awareness. The more alert both truck drivers and motorcycle owners are the other’s presence on the road, the less likely a collision will arise.

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Avoiding a Motorcycle Truck Collision

In 2010, 9.6 million vehicles were involved in some form of a motor vehicle crash. Large trucks accounted for 3,484 fatalities, light trucks accounted for 17,428 fatalities, and motorcycles accounted for 4,633 fatalities.

While passenger cars will account for the majority of auto collisions in the United States, motorcycle truck accidents are certainly taking a significant portion of the traffic crash pie. While a motorcycle is capable of stopping almost on a dime (similar to a car), a truck can take up to three times the amount of time to come to a full stop.

Evidently, motorcycles and trucks are a hazardous combination. In an attempt to avoid a motorcycle truck collision, motorists should do their best to follow these guidelines:

  • Be aware of the small size of motorcycles, always check blind spots prior to lane changes
  • The stoppage time for a motorcycle versus a truck is considerably different
  • Motorcycles may appear farther away than they are due to their small size
  • Trucks may appear closer than they are due to their large size
  • A motorcycle’s maneuverability is far greater than that of a truck
  • Never tailgate
  • Exercise a level of courtesy when a motorcycle or truck in your immediate area is attempting to change lanes
  • Adhere to all traffic signs, rules, and ordinances


While some motorcycle truck accidents are unavoidable, keeping these recommendations in mind will help to reduce the likelihood of a crash.

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