Practice Area: Types Of Personal Injury Damages

Wage Recovery

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there are more than 31 million injuries each year in the United States that require some form of physician’s attention. Even worse, nearly two million Americans sustain injuries that necessitate hospitalization of

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Pain And Suffering

Millions of Americans each and every year undergo a wide variety of pain and suffering following some form of personal injury accident. Due to the fact that 95% of personal injury cases are settled outside of courts, quantifying the elements

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Mental Emotional Distress

When one suffers serious trauma, the consequences can be much more than physical. An emotional distress injury is a form of psychological harm that results from experiencing a traumatic situation. Also known as mental anguish, emotional distress can be claimed in personal

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Medical Expenses

After being involved in a collision caused by another driver’s negligence or the negligence of some other entity, such as a manufacturer, car accident victims may be entitled to file a lawsuit to collect damages. When injuries are serious or

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Loss Of Consortium

THE DEVASTATION OF LOSS OF CONSORTIUM When it comes to damages in tort law, you may have heard of something called “loss of consortium.” This phrase essentially means the sudden lack of a family relationship due to wrongful death, or the

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Funeral Expenses

The death of a loved one is tragic enough on its own. This is a time when family and friends come together to remember the deceased individual and pay their respects. However, the outrageous funeral expenses may only increase the

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