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Rear-end accidents and brain injuries

Car collisions are an everyday occurrence in Connecticut. While minor accidents lead to scratches and dings, a serious collision can lead to injury or death. It only takes a moment for a driver to lose focus from the road ahead. Rear-end accidents are a common cause of back, neck and head injuries.

What happens during a rear-end accident

If you are sitting in the driver’s seat when a car hits you from behind, several actions happen quickly. In the first phase, your car moves forward beneath you. The force of this action pushes you back in your seat. If your headrest is placed improperly, your neck might snap backward, leading to whiplash injuries. Next, the car stops and you move forward. With your seatbelt fastened, you will be restrained. If you are unbuckled, this force may slam you into the steering wheel and dashboard.

The speed factor and your brain

During a rear-end motor vehicle accident, speed is an important factor in determining the extent of your injuries. At low speeds, the risk of brain injury is minimal. The back of your head will come in contact with the headrest, but the impact is a little worse than a soccer player heading a ball. At higher speeds, the risk of concussion increases. As the force of the collision pushes your body forward and backward, the same forces are at work on your brain inside your skull.

Signs of a concussion

When you have been in a motor vehicle collision, a brain injury may not be obvious right away. For a day or so after the accident, you should look for symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Forgetfulness

If you experience any of these issues, you should seek medical attention right away.

Recovering from a rear-end collision

As you assess the damage to your car, it is important to pay attention to your body as well. Most rear-end collisions are the fault of the driver of the car that hits you from behind, and when this is the case, an attorney can often be of assistance in obtaining compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

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