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The dangers of driving on rural roads

Connecticut residents may be surprised to learn that driving on rural roads is actually more dangerous than navigating a motor vehicle on busy city streets. Roads in remote areas may seem deserted and safe, but data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that more than half of the Americans killed in traffic accidents each year lose their lives in crashes that take place on rural roads.

There are several reasons why rural roads can be far more dangerous than they first appear. Roads in remote areas of the country tend to be less busy, which encourages drivers to speed up. This means that accidents in rural areas tend to be more serious. In addition, rural roads usually have only two lanes, which gives drivers fewer options in emergency situations. Other dangers of rural driving include deer or other animals running into the roadway, oncoming vehicles with their headlights on high beam, and poor or uneven road surfaces.

Studies have also concluded that long emergency response times contribute to rural road fatality rates. When serious accidents take place in towns or cities, ambulances and firefighters are usually on the scene within minutes. It often takes half an hour or longer for emergency workers to reach a rural accident scene, and then they must make the same long journey again to transport injured individuals to a hospital.

Many motor vehicle accidents in rural areas are caused by drivers who exceed posted speed limits or get behind the wheel after taking drugs or drinking alcohol. When representing clients who suffered injuries in such a crash, experienced personal injury attorneys may study police reports for evidence that might be used to establish negligence and liability. If the reckless driver responsible was killed in the accident, attorneys may file a lawsuit against their estate or car insurance company.

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