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Truck Driver Safety Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that commercial trucks were involved in more than 200,000 traffic crashes in 2010. Of the people injured in multi-vehicle crashes that involved large trucks, 73% were occupants of other vehicles. In addition, accidents that involve passenger vehicles and commercials trucks often cause extensive property damage to both vehicles.

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Safety Tips For Drivers

As stated above, truck accidents often leave occupants of passenger vehicles with injuries. Connecticut drivers can avoid being in a car/truck incident by following the tips below.

  • Stay Out Of The No-Zone

Commercial trucks have four blind spots, also known as “no-zones;” passenger vehicles cannot be seen in these areas. Thirty-three percent of all collisions between trucks and cars occur in a blind spot. Drivers need to realize that if you can’t see the truck driver’s mirrors, then the trucker can’t see you.

  • Allow Enough Time To Change Lanes

It takes approximately 30 seconds for a passenger vehicle to pass a commercial vehicle that is traveling at highway speeds. When you are attempting to pass a large truck on the highway, slightly increase your speed and then maintain a consistent speed until you are able to safely pass the truck. Try not to hang out in the truck’s blind spot while making the lane change. You should only change lanes when you can see the truck’s grill in your rearview mirror.

  • Do Not Tailgate

Motorists should always keep a safe distance between their vehicle and a commercial truck. It is advised that drivers follow large trucks at a distance of four seconds. By maintaining a safe distance, drivers will stay out of a truck’s blind spot. When you drive too close to a truck’s bumper, you increase your chances of rear-ending the truck.

  • Give The Truck Driver Enough Room

If a trucker wants to change lanes, give them enough space to safely do so. On average, commercial vehicles need 700 feet, or the length of 2 ½ football fields, to change lanes safely.

  • Exercise Caution In Bad Weather

A trucker’s visibility significantly decreases in inclement weather such as fog, snow, rain and sleet, which in turn affects the driver’s abilities to react quickly. Slick roads make it more difficult for truckers to stop quickly. In adverse weather conditions, you should follow trucks at a distance of six seconds.

Get Help: Contact An Auto Accident Attorney

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