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Insurance Issues Commercial Vehicles

Truck accident cases can be very complex to handle; that is why it is important to consult with a Connecticut truck accident attorney following a collision. Accident victims should legal guidance from an attorney who is well-versed in commercial vehicle litigation. Oftentimes, truck insurance issues will often make it difficult for accident victims to receive fair compensation for their losses.

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Common Truck Insurance Issues

After a truck collision has occurred, there may be several truck insurance issues that may arise. The issues listed below may negatively affect your legal claim:

  • Several insurance providers may be involved. In most car accident cases, there is usually only one insurance provider that represents the driver, while a truck driver may be represented by multiple insurance companies. Typically, the driver will have his own policy, and the tractor and trailer have insurance coverage under other policies. When there are numerous insurance companies involved in the claim, it can be difficult for an accident victim to receive the compensation that he/she deserves.
  • Trucking companies have their own investigators. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to go through great measures to avoid paying a substantial settlement to an injury victim. Trucking companies will often have their own investigators on staff. Their investigators will arrive quickly to the accident scene to assess the collision, interview any witness and collect evidence. It is the investigator’s job to limit the trucker and their company of liability. It is imperative for an accident victim to have their own attorney who will conduct a fair investigation and make sure the victim’s legal rights are protected.
  • Key evidence may be lost. After a truck crash has taken place, there is a vast amount of evidence that needs to be collected such as driver’s logs, field sobriety tests, skid marks, gas stains and road conditions. Collecting evidence is an extensive process, which is why accident victims should hire a knowledgeable lawyer to handle their case.
  • Settlements are less than what is needed to cover your damages. It is a common practice for insurance companies representing trucking companies to offer unreasonable settlements to limit their own financial losses. An experienced lawyer can review the settlement and determine if the offer is fair.

Filing For A Connecticut Truck Accident Lawsuit

Truck accidents can leave accidents victims with serious and life-altering injuries. Injury victims may require extensive medical treatment that requires them to miss work, causing a financial strain on them and their families. Injured individuals should concentrate on recuperating from their injuries and let an experienced truck accident lawyer handle their legal matters. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, our attorneys and staff have the knowledge to successfully handle truck accident cases. We helped numerous clients receive maximum compensation for their claims.

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