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Charter Bus Crashes

Charter buses are often used in the state of Connecticut when a larger group of people need transportation to and from an event of some kind. In order to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways while using fewer resources, charter bus activity is a widely used service. When multiple vehicles are traveling to the same location, there are a number of potential risks involved.

Charter buses, however, alleviate the number of cars traveling to the same place while ensuring that all members of the group will arrive at the same time. Avoiding these risks and headaches are especially important to sports teams, church groups, and any other larger group of people who need to travel together. Unfortunately, however, a number of different risks have been linked to this form of travel, as charter bus crashes are far more prevalent than many Connecticut residents would believe.

The legal proceedings involved in charter bus crashes relate to how the arrangements are made, who is operating the bus, what bus company is used, what organization is providing this travel, and many, many additional factors. Due to the complexities involved in these types of accidents, hiring an experienced attorney from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is essential.

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Arrangements Of Charter Bus Travel In Connecticut

Typically, charter buses are hired to transport a group of people to a destination for a specific purpose. Charter buses are utilized to alleviate the need for many people to arrange their own transportation to the same location. Therefore, charter buses help to make transportation as smooth as possible. More often than not, these buses are used for a short period of time for a one-day event, sports activity or any other type of occasion.

Due to the variance in the manner which charter buses are hired, determining where the liability falls in the case of charter bus crashes can be complex. Charter buses may be hired by the leader of an organization hosting the event, a social group, a school, or even just a group of looking to attend the same event.

Determining liability is difficult due to the many options in which people may hire a charter bus. As a result, when a motor vehicle collision occurs the legal proceedings can be challenging. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is prepared to represent Connecticut accident victims. If you or a loved one has suffered from injuries in a crash involving a charter bus, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Liability In Charter Bus Crashes

Charter bus crashes involve a range of different individuals and organizations. From the charter bus company itself to the bus driver and from the bus occupants to the area in which the crash occurs, determining liability is difficult. In the discovery process, our experienced personal injury attorneys will evaluate every aspect of the case to determine liability and the best course of action to proceed with. The following are some of the most likely parties to be held liable in charter bus crashes:

Charter Bus Driver

More often than not, the charter bus company will be named as the primary defendant in the accident case. However, depending upon the detail of the accident itself, the driver may face liability charges. If the driver had exhibited any type of negligent behavior while operating the bus, they may be named as a defendant in the charter bus collision case.

Charter Bus Company

Charter bus companies must maintain a certain level of safety, functionality, and maintenance on all of their vehicles. If the maintenance of the charter bus was faulty, the charter bus company is often named as the defendant in the charter bus accident case. In general, much of the liability will fall on the company’s shoulders. In addition, if the driver of the charter bus falls to meet qualification standards, the charter bus company will still be held liable for any damages.

Operator Of Other Vehicles on the Road

There are certainly situations where the charter bus crashes occur at no fault of the bus driver or the company that they work for. When the charter bus driver is operating the vehicle properly and the vehicle itself is maintained, the action of other motorists on the road may cause the collision. In these cases, the liability will fall on whoever was responsible for causing the accident, including the operators of surrounding vehicles on the road.

Premises Liability

When a bus driver is operating the charter bus in adverse conditions that cause a collision, the destination itself may be named as being liable for the crash. In these cases, the accident occurred at no fault of the driver or any other vehicles on the road, but was caused by unfavorable conditions on the premises where the bus was driving.

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