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Vehicle color may have an influence on car accidents

When car accidents occur in Connecticut, people can suffer injuries or even lose their lives. There are many factors involved in a collision, such as distracted driving, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drowsy driving and recklessness. Other issues might contribute to a crash, and it is important to consider them. Some of these factors might sound unusual, but there is statistical evidence that they may contribute to accidents on the road.

Statistics indicate certain car colors have greater accident risk

People often take time to decide what color they prefer when buying a car. Kelley Blue Book analyzes research based on consumer choices and how it may impact car safety. The organization found that silver is the color of car most frequently selected. Next is white. However, white vehicles have fewer accidents than silver vehicles. This sounds like a statistical anomaly, but the results are consistent.

In one study, white vehicles were in accidents 12% less often than black vehicles. The time of the day was irrelevant. After white came cream, yellow and beige. Grey vehicles had an 11% higher chance of an accident; silver was at 10% higher danger; and blue and red were tied at 7%. If safety is the main objective when buying a vehicle, experts advise purchasing a white vehicle.

Understanding what steps to take after an accident

Statistics aside, car color is generally a background issue when there is an auto accident. Car accidents can happen to anyone without warning and lead to dramatic life changes. No matter the type of crash, there may be medical costs, lost income from being unable to work, the need for extended care and other personal and financial challenges. Experienced legal professionals may assess the circumstances and help injured victims take the necessary steps to recover compensation through a lawsuit.

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