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7 Road Safety Tips for Connecticut Teen Drivers

Once your teen acquires a driving license, they get excited about driving alone and enjoying the moments. The excitement can cause your teen to overlook road safety, which can be risky for their lives. 


Statistics show that teenagers between 16 to 19 years are at a high risk of road accidents. This is why it is best to teach road safety tips to your teens and ensure that they abide by the rules. Set rules that the teen should follow. If possible, write them down so that the teen will keep checking them before stepping out of the car. Here are several road safety tips and rules that your teen should follow in Connecticut. 


Here Are Seven Driving Safety Tips Will Help You Keep Your Teenage Drivers Safe

Know the Car before Driving 

With different car makes and models today, teens should learn the car type before going on the road. The teen should read the car manual to learn the vehicle functions and modalities. This will help the teen know the car’s components and operate each effectively.

It is also best that the teen learns about the vehicle’s maintenance by checking the oil level, toolkit, tires, and pressure levels. This is vital because your teen may solve the issue alone if anything happens to the car.

Ensure the Driver Settings are In Place

Teenagers should learn to adjust driver settings before they get moving. This will prevent them from getting confused while on the steering. Ensure your teen adjusts the mirrors to the best view and check if the teen can easily reach the pedals.

Additionally, the driver’s seat should be well-adjusted for the teen to avoid straining while driving. Proper positioning of the necessary features will give your teenagers full control of the vehicle, enabling them to drive comfortably and safely. 

Avoid Distractions When Driving 

It is easy for many teens to get distracted when driving. A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that most accidents in the United States occur because of distracted driving. 

Today, it is no doubt that many teens will spend time on social media, texting, or making calls with their friends even while driving. This is a risky step because it can easily lead to road accidents. 

Advice the teen to avoid doing things that could distract them while driving. They can attend to such needs later. If it is urgent, let them park aside and attend to the issue before proceeding with the journey. 

Avoid Driving at High Speeds 

Some teenagers often want to show their driving prowess by driving faster than other road users. Unfortunately, the vehicle may sway from the road and hit pedestrians, motorcyclists, or other road users. Therefore, teach your teenagers to obey traffic rules and avoid speeding even if they have a chance to do so. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Teenagers can never have enough experience driving, especially when they’re just starting. Keep encouraging them to continue practicing driving. They can move around within the community, learn to reverse the vehicle, turn, stop at traffic lights, and adjust other car features. 

You can also drive along with the teen when going grocery shopping or sports so that they watch what you do. Continuous practicing will help them improve their driving skills. 

Avoid Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving is a risky step for your teens. This is a death wish that can claim lives within a short moment. A report shows that 29 people die every day from drunk-driving. 

Talk to your teen about the effects of drunk driving and let them avoid it altogether. If the teen goes to a party and gets drunk, they shouldn’t drive home alone. The teen should call a ride or ask their sober friends to drive them home. Remember, drunk driving is prohibited in Connecticut with stringent laws, and your teen could be arrested if found guilty of driving under the influence.  

Remain Calm when Driving with Friends

Does your teen like driving with friends? If this is the case, advise them to avoid taking too much while driving. Having a core driver can quickly bring distractions that could easily lead to accidents. Let your teens’ friends know that it is best to maintain a calm conversation whenever someone is driving. 

Does Your Teen Apply Safety Road Rules? 

Sometimes, you could do all you can and advise your teen about road safety tips, but they may still fail to obey and cause road accidents or break traffic rules and laws. Contact Connecticut car accident lawyers today for a free consultation about any traffic offenses your teen committed in Connecticut. 

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