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Driving in snowy and icy conditions

Severe weather conditions can cause danger for winter travelers in Connecticut. Winter storms and other bad weather conditions play a role in half a million traffic accidents each year. More than 2,000 Americans lost their lives a year ago to these accidents. Motorists driving in winter weather conditions will decrease their chances of becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents if they keep a few tips in mind.

Maintain a safe distance

The distance needed to bring a vehicle to a complete stop increases when snow and ice are on the road. This fact makes it necessary for drivers to always stay a safe distance away from the car in front of them.

Inspect tires

Tires do not have the same traction when the winter months arrive. Some drivers choose to use winter tires at this time of year. Drivers who opt to keep standard tires on their cars year-round should inspect them every so often to ensure that they possess the tread depth needed for safe driving.

Check lights

Daytime does not last as long in the winter months as in other times of the year. Drivers will likely face nighttime driving conditions if they leave their homes in the evening. Drivers should make sure their lights are in proper working condition each time they leave their home, even if there is light outside when they begin their journey.

Drive slow

The winter months are not a time to be in a hurry behind the wheel. Drivers should leave early enough in the winter to avoid feeling pressure to drive at an unsafe speed.

Keep fuel

Drivers commonly take chances with the amount of fuel in their cars. However, the winter months are a dangerous time to get stranded. Keeping at least half a tank of gas in a car will prevent drivers from spending time on the side of the road in freezing weather.

Being involved in a traffic accident can involve property damage at the least and major injuries at worst. A personal injury attorney may be able to help drivers who suffer this misfortune.

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