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How Much Compensation Are You Entitled to After a Traumatic Brain Injury?

How Much Compensation Are You Entitled to After a Traumatic Brain Injury?

One of the most severe injuries you can get is a traumatic brain injury or TBI. The repercussions of the damage may result in obvious personality changes, lifelong incapacity, or loss of function, but they may also be undetectable and mild. If you have suffered brain damage in an accident, you could have a lot of questions and an unclear financial future. To protect your health and financial stability, it’s crucial to be proactive in seeking brain injury compensation. But how much is your injury really worth in the eyes of insurance and the court?

If you plan to sue for compensation after a negligent accident caused your TBI, we always recommend hiring a personal injury attorney to help. An injury lawyer understands the ins and outs of filing a personal injury claim and can help you win the maximum compensation possible for your suffering.

That being said, let’s take a look at how much and what kind of compensation you could receive through personal injury claims after a traumatic brain injury.

What Factors Can Contribute to Brain Injury Compensation?

Mild to severe traumatic brain injuries are possible. What you can recuperate will depend on how serious your injury is. For instance, you would probably receive less compensation if you have a concussion that prevents you from working for a few weeks but heals on its own than if you have a major brain injury that needs continuous treatment. If you require round-the-clock assistance or aggressive gadgets like a wheelchair, you will probably heal faster as well.

For all the income you lose while recovering from a brain injury, you are entitled to compensation. Let’s imagine you get a concussion and miss three weeks of work as a result. Your weekly salary is $1200. For your missed salary, you would be entitled to $3,600. You are also entitled to any future lost pay, though. You can make up for any losses if your brain damage rendered you unable to work. If your injury led you to work fewer hours or accept a lower-paying job, you may potentially be eligible for compensation for brain injury. Your age and profession in this situation may have an impact on how much you recover. A retired grandfather, for instance, will recoup less than a banker who is 40 years old.

Lost wages do not just affect the victim since brain damage might necessitate 24-hour care. You can also get brain injury compensation for lost income if a loved one of a victim of a brain injury had to work fewer hours or give up their job totally to assist in care for the wounded person.

Most individuals only think about a brain injury’s financial implications. However, speech, emotions, and behavior can all be impacted by brain damage. This could directly impact how you get along with your friends and family. Many people who have lost a loved one to a traumatic brain injury discover that they have undergone a full transformation. You should be compensated for your brain damage if it has an impact on your friendships and family ties.

In addition to paying for your medical bills, missed income, and diminished earning ability, head injury settlements often cover additional financial damages you have endured. Examples include vocational training, housing or vehicle adaptations, and domestic services like cleaning while you’re recovering or dealing with a chronic handicap.

Non-economic losses from a brain injury also differ greatly from person to person, just like economic losses do. According to the severity of your injury, your economic losses are often multiplied by a ratio of 1.5 to 5 to determine how much you have lost personally. This will serve as the basis for negotiating a reasonable payment for an attack, a fall, or a car accident concussion. Your personal injury attorney will assist you in identifying and calculating these losses so that you can fully depict how your injuries will affect you and seek compensation for them.

What is the Average Compensation in Connecticut for a Brain Injury Settlement?

Settlements for traumatic brain injuries often range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. You might receive more than $200,000, for instance, if the injury forces you to modify your lifestyle and interferes with your ability to work. The compensation amount might also increase to $500,000 if you also have other physical injuries as a result of the accident in addition to the TBI.

Some TBI patients have received up to $26 million in compensation. Although there is no exact average, you may anticipate receiving six or seven-figure settlements from a catastrophic brain injury lawsuit. The degree of the injury, whether it be a slight brain injury or a serious one, and its effects on the victim’s life are what count in these situations.

Get the Personal Injury Claim Payouts You Need After a TBI

Automobile accidents, job mishaps, and other serious head traumas are all potential causes of traumatic brain injury. These wounds can have extensive medical and psychological repercussions, costing victims and their loved ones money to remedy these problems.

You might be able to seek compensation if someone else’s carelessness caused your traumatic brain injury. In a free, no-obligation legal consultation, our brain injury attorneys are ready to examine your case and go through your legal options.

Many Connecticut traumatic brain injury sufferers and their families have received millions of dollars in compensation because of the assistance of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. There are no expenses or upfront fees associated with our services, and we provide free consultations. Only if we successfully obtain money for you at trial does our company get remuneration. We are prepared to help you get the compensation you deserve from your personal injury claim process. Call 203-635-0282 to speak with a personal injury lawyer at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers.

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