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Broken Glass Injuries

In the early 20th century, many horseless carriages began using glass to protect drivers from harsh weather conditions. However, at this time the glass was not created to protect these individuals from debris as it would in years to come. In addition, this glass posed an enormous risk to the individuals inside if something were to strike or shatter the glass. It wasn’t until 1903 where a French chemist would develop shatter-resistant glass, similar to that used in automobiles today.

Broken Glass Injuries

Even with the many advances in automobile glass, many manufacturers continue to use shatter-resistant glass only on the windshield. When the side and back windows shatter during an accident, most people overlook the fact that it could cause them harm, this often results in painful and severe injuries. In addition to causing injuries to occupants inside the vehicle, broken glass also has the potential to threaten innocent bystanders. During an auto accident, broken glass has the potential to be projected through the air at high speeds injuring bystanders.

If you or someone you love has been injured by broken glass due to the negligence of another driver, you may be electable to file a claim to recover compensation for any losses or damages that have occurred.

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Types Of Automotive Glass

Automotive glass is manufactured to withstand the many potholes, rocks and fender benders that it will see throughout its lifetime. Because of this, there were two types of automotive glass created to protect the structure of the vehicle and the individuals inside. The two different types of automotive glass are as follows:


Laminated glass is typically used to form the windshields to increase the occupant’s safety during an accident and to protect a vehicle’s passengers while driving. It is made by squishing a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass; it is then heated to form a bond. This PVB allows for the glass to absorb the pressure of an impact. This glass can be punctured and break and remain intact due to its chemical bond to the PVB.


Tempered glass is typically used on automobiles’ side and back windows. This glass is created by heating and quickly cooling the glass to create its shape. The heating and cooling process also gives the glass its tensile and compressive strength, which also gives it the ability to break into small and dull pieces during accidents.

Many manufacturers are beginning to implement laminated glass into all areas of their vehicles, not only to protect people from glass particles, but also to help prevent theft and reduce exterior noise while driving. If you have been injured in an automobile accident as a result of broken glass, contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to find out how you can be compensated, today.

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Common Broken Glass Injuries

Depending on the velocity at which a car crash takes place, it may create different results for the amount of broken glass. As one can assume, the faster a vehicle is traveling, the more the broken glass will be spread. The vehicles speed can also be a determining factor on whether or not the broken glass is sent flying through the air during an accident. When broken glass is sent flying through the air it poses a threat to everyone in the surrounding area and has the potential to cause extreme pain to the affected individuals.

The most common types of broken glass injuries include:


Surface-Level Cuts are considered the most common and least severe type of broken glass injury and most people have experienced this sometime in their lives. These cuts involve a simple tear to the skin and do not penetrate into the body’s tissue. Most often these cuts require little treatment including cleaning and possible stitches.


Deep-level lacerations occur when sharp pieces of glass penetrate deep inside the skin to the underlying tissues and muscle fibers. This can cause permanent scars, never damage and further complications including death to that individual.


Shock is a rather common result of victims of a serious accident due to the psychological trauma associated with being involved in an accident. When an individual notice that they are bleeding heavily an emotional reaction is to develop shock. If this shock is not treated immediately it can be fatal.


Severed limbs can result from a piece of glass large enough and sharp enough to penetrate the entire body or body part. This injury should be attended to immediately. In some instances a piece of broken glass can strike a vulnerable location, potentially severing a vein or an artery. If this occurs, it may require the removal of that specific body part.


Fatality may occur if a piece of broken glass strikes a vein or artery in the neck or another location that is vulnerable. This can cause the victim to bleed to death in a matter of minute if medical attention is not received immediately.

Broken glass injuries typically range in severity and most require immediate medical attention. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and suffered from a broken glass injury, that person may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and damages.

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In 2008, the cost of auto accident injuries and property damage in the United States was estimated to total $237.2 billion. The Connecticut Department of Transportation reported 71,724 accidents in 2006 which resulted in 311 fatalities and 38,871 injuries.

In a matter of seconds an automobile accident due to the negligence of another individual could completely alter the course of one’s life. Our Connecticut auto accident lawyers have successfully defended auto accident victims throughout the state. We have the experience needed to handle the fight against the insurance companies and strive to achieve the maximum compensation.

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