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Pain And Suffering

Millions of Americans each and every year undergo a wide variety of pain and suffering following some form of personal injury accident. Due to the fact that 95% of personal injury cases are settled outside of courts, quantifying the elements of personal injury is both challenging and necessary in order for the injured party to recover compensation.

Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering covers a broad range of outcomes following some form of a personal injury incident. A common misconception is that pain and suffering only refers to surgeries, physical anguish and health conditions suffered from an accident. However, mental anguish and emotional stress, as well as the inability to do activities following an accident that could be done prior to a collision, both account for pain and suffering in the court of law.

Pain and suffering can be incredibly difficult to quantify. Since every person maintains a different level of pain threshold and general durability, awarding a “reasonable” amount of money to cover the extent of pain and suffering present is challenging. As a result, those victims who have been involved in a personal injury accident must seek adequate legal representation. A Hartford personal injury attorney is essential in your efforts to recover from your losses.

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Calculating Pain And Suffering

Calculating general damages can problematic, as there is no standard formula available to quantify the amount of pain and suffering that took place because of another’s negligence. With that said, the experience of a Hartford personal injury attorney is essential to receiving ample compensation that meets your specific needs.

While there are a number of methods utilized to calculate pain and suffering, like multiplying medical bill totals related to the incident, a set method has never been established. Regardless of the techniques used to calculate pain and suffering, however, an experienced lawyer is usually critical in your pursuit of funds.

As a Hartford personal injury attorney structures your case, the following documents are typically necessary to prove damages against the defendant and the insurance company involved:

  • All medical reports
  • Any medication receipts
  • Lost wages proof
  • Medical bills (including hospital visits, therapy, x-rays, etc.)
  • Pictures of the injuries endured
  • Prescription receipts


While placing a monetary value against these documented costs is difficult, those who keep an accurate, thorough record of expenses and costs suffered will be placed in the best position to recover an adequate, fair amount of money.

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What Are The Pain And Suffering Factors?

Predicting a monetary amount of compensation awarded to those who undergo pain and suffering following a personal injury accident is very challenging. Generally speaking, no two cases are the same based on the large number of factors that contribute to actual awards given to the injured. Insurance companies will attempt to limit the amount of money awarded to protect their own well-being. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, our Hartford staff dedicates countless hours to research and investigation in order to craft a strong case.

In doing so, there are a number of factors that contribute to the amount of money reward to Connecticut residents who have experienced pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has had to deal with pain and suffering due to another’s negligence, we are here to help.

The following factors commonly impact the amount of money rewarded for pain and suffering:

  • Age
  • Attorney
  • Community
  • Future earnings capacity
  • Future medical costs
  • Income
  • Job
  • Lifestyle
  • Location where case is filed
  • Loss of past pay
  • Permanent conditions caused by the accident
  • Preexisting injuries or conditions
  • Medical treatments
  • Witness quality


Pain and suffering can be difficult to prove without the proper representation in the courts. A Hartford personal injury lawyer from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is prepared to guide you through this challenging process with compassion, care, and attention to detail.

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Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers takes pride in our work with the community in seeking justice for Connecticut residents. When establishing a monetary value on pain and suffering, attorneys will consider required medication, changes in the victim’s quality of life, recovery periods, and the kinds of treatments necessary. A Hartford personal injury attorney is here for you.

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