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The Top Reasons to Hire a New Haven Car Accident Lawyer After an Accident

legal reasons hire car accident lawyer new havenIn the mid-part of November 2021, there had been 290 traffic-related deaths in Connecticut. This is up 16% from the two years prior. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t even account for the serious and minor injuries that occurred. 

After an accident, you may wonder what to do. Since each accident is unique and there are likely several factors impacting your situation, contacting a New Haven car accident lawyer is highly recommended. 

If you aren’t convinced that legal representation is needed, keep reading. Some of the top reasons to hire these legal services for your car accident claim can be found here. 

Medical Considerations 

If you suffer a serious injury in a car accident, you should reach out to a New Haven car accident lawyer right away to schedule a free consultation. An experienced attorney can help you figure out your rights, explain your legal responsibilities, and handle other aspects of the case so you can focus on recovering. 

Most serious injuries will be obvious, and you will know you need medical care. However, this isn’t always the case. Some problems may appear a few days later. Because of this, you should see an attorney’s guidance and advice, even if you don’t believe you suffered any major injury. 

You or a Passenger Sought Medical Attention Days After the Accident

As mentioned above, accident-related injuries may not show up right away. However, they can cause issues down the road. This may require you to seek medical attention a few days later. Hiring an attorney can make a difference when addressing these issues with your insurance company and the other party involved in your accident. 

Sometimes, your insurance provider may claim you didn’t suffer a severe injury or that the injury wasn’t caused by the accident if you wait a few days to seek care. However, some verifiable medical conditions may show up several days later and be linked to your accident. An experienced car accident attorney can protect your rights and ensure your medical needs and injuries are taken seriously. 

Extensive Vehicle Damage Occurred

In some situations, your accident is a minor fender bender; however, there are other situations when your vehicle may be destroyed and unable to be repaired. With these types of accidents, you may also experience more serious physical injuries.  

Regardless of what you believe your case is worth or the amount of damage done to your vehicle, it’s best to get a free consultation with an attorney. They can help with the claims process and ensure you deserve the compensation. 

If Several Parties Were Involved in the Accident

If several parties are involved in the accident, determining fault, and dealing with insurance companies becomes much more complex. You don’t have to handle this confusing time yourself. An attorney can contact the involved parties and their insurance providers, helping to reduce your stress and provide you with peace of mind that your accident claim is being handled properly. 

An Insurer Delayed or Denied Your Claim

Remember, no matter how nice the insurance adjuster may seem, they are looking out for their company’s bottom line. Because of this, they will do anything possible to reduce the compensation you receive. 

With an attorney, you have someone familiar with insurance companies’ tactics. This reduces the likelihood you will accept a settlement amount that is lower than you deserve. 

Contact a New Haven Car Accident Lawyer for Help

When it comes to car accident injuries and fatalities, you can’t afford to take chances. Make sure you hire a reputable and experienced New Haven car accident lawyer to help with your case. 

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