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Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in CT – Everything You Need to Know About Seeking Compensation

Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in CT - Everything You Need to Know About Seeking Compensation

Uninsured motorists cause accidents all the time in Connecticut. A forceful stance is frequently the best course of action in an auto accident case involving an insurance claim that is being contested or the involvement of uninsured and underinsured drivers.

The proactive legal representation offered by Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help you receive reasonable compensation as fast and effectively as feasible. However, it does help to understand what uninsured motorist accident lawyers do and why they are needed for such specific accident claims.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the basics of uninsured and underinsured motor laws in Connecticut and how an attorney can help you receive compensation after an accident.

What is an Uninsured or Underinsured Car Accident and What are the Laws Involved?

Being in an auto accident is a terrifying experience, but if you are hit by someone who has little to no auto insurance, your suffering might be ten times worse. If there is no insurance in place to reimburse you, how are you going to be able to pay for your injuries, lost property, lost income, and pain and suffering?

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, a policy you possess that fills in the gap between what you are entitled to and what the other driver’s insurance can pay for, is the solution. It might literally be the difference between having no money and having millions here in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, the most careless and dangerous drivers in Connecticut frequently have either no insurance or very low coverage limits. The law requires uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your own insurance or the policy of the owner of the vehicle you are driving or a passenger in, to help you avoid this known risk.

This insurance protection could be a lifesaver for the other parties if an accident is caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Winning a claim, however, might be challenging.

Uninsured drivers can cause major automobile accidents in Connecticut that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, medical bills, and other charges. Unfortunately, many drivers’ own insurance companies try to minimize the value of their claims or only offer to pay a small percentage of the compensation that a skilled uninsured motorist attorney may obtain on their behalf. If the accident resulted in injuries or large losses, these costs may be quite severe.

A Connecticut attorney with knowledge of uninsured motorist cases can assist you in obtaining any money owed to you.

Though you might not be aware of it, if a hit-and-run driver causes an accident that results in your injuries or the loss of a loved one, your UM coverage may allow you to get financial compensation. These monetary losses cover pain and suffering as well as reimbursement for medical expenses and missed wages. Uninsured motorist coverage on Connecticut vehicle insurance policies frequently provides for this kind of reimbursement. A cash recovery for you may also be possible from the uninsured motorist policy of a family member with whom you reside, such as a parent, child, brother, or sister, even though you don’t personally own a car or have uninsured motorist coverage.

Whether you are a motorcycle rider, a bicycle rider, a pedestrian, a passenger in a car, or any other type of vehicle, we may be able to obtain compensation for you as a result of a hit-and-run accident.

What Does an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in CT Do?

Connecticut law mandates that all drivers maintain minimum levels of coverage for their automobiles. By doing this, in the event that you have an accident, your insurance coverage will assist in covering the expense of any injuries to persons or damage to their vehicles.

Some people disobey the law by driving without insurance, even though drivers are required to carry a specific level of auto insurance. The genuine cost of vehicle and truck accidents is not sufficiently covered by the insurance of other drivers.

You might need to look for additional sources of compensation if you were involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver or if a loved one was hurt or died in an accident. When this occurs, it’s critical to have a skilled Connecticut car accident attorney and wrongful death attorney fighting tenaciously to defend your rights on your side.

An attorney for personal injury with experience handling incidents involving uninsured drivers is known as an uninsured motorist accident attorney. Their mission is to assist accident victims in receiving the compensation they are due when their own insurance companies refuse to do so.

You might be able to file a claim against your own insurance company’s uninsured motorist policy in accidents where the at-fault driver has little or no insurance. Drivers in Connecticut are required to have uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. Although such claims might appear to be simple, your own insurance company might start to contest your claim.

It’s possible that the business you’ve been paying payments to for years would reject your claim or make a meager offer. An uninsured motorist lawyer can help in this situation.

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident, even your own insurance company, may be challenging and frustrating. There may be attempts made by insurance adjusters to persuade you that nothing can be done to help. You can get your life back on track by pursuing the money you are entitled to with the aid of an uninsured motorist attorney.

We have handled similar situations for insurance companies for many years at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. We are aware of what your insurance would probably consider important as a result, and we can assist you to position your case for a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

After any type of motor vehicle accident, we can offer you the expert representation you require while dealing with insurance companies since we have the years of experience and information you need. You may count on our Connecticut automobile accident attorneys to quickly examine the situation, figure out what caused the collision, and evaluate the severity of your injury and your medical need.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers’ Connecticut automobile accident attorneys are skilled in analyzing the physical causes of the collision, the medical data necessary to estimate injuries, and the economic and accounting principles required to assess losses. To enhance your recovery, we offer the best defense possible.

We will look into the scene of the accident, analyze it and your vehicle, and look into any further evidence that was there at the time of your accident. We will defend you from any wrongdoer, transportation business, or other parties who have harmed you. Making sure your rights are preserved and protected is our duty.

Due to our trial experience, we frequently settle disputes favorably even without going to trial. The lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have decades of experience defending Connecticut automobile accident victims in court and are aware of how the particulars of your incident call for thorough and sympathetic representation.

Is an Uninsured Motorist Attorney Entirely Necessary?

Throughout the process of filing a claim with your insurance and working with (or usually, against) an insurance adjuster, you could technically take on the process alone. You could technically defend yourself when pursuing compensation via a lawsuit.

However, both scenarios are extremely difficult and time-consuming. Doing so can also be impossible if you’ve been injured and find yourself unable to work or make money. A lawyer is really your best bet, as they will take on the entirety of the process for you.

Remember, if you’ve been struck by an uninsured motorist in Connecticut, you could be liable for compensation. However, getting that compensation can be difficult without the aid of an uninsured motorist accident lawyer in CT. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can take a look at your case and determine whether or not you are eligible for damages after your accident. Give us a call at 203-826-2967 or fill out this contact form to get in touch.

When You Need an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in CT, Trust the Best of the Best from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

All motorists in Connecticut are required by law to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. However, some drivers still don’t have any form of insurance. Do you have legal remedies if you were engaged in a hit-and-run accident or were struck by an uninsured or underinsured driver? Yes, it is the answer. You can receive compensation for your losses and the losses of any passengers in your car through your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

If any of the following apply to your uninsured motorist claim, you may be eligible for compensation:

  • An uninsured driver caused the car collision in which you were involved.
  • You were riding your bike when an uninsured driver struck you.
  • As a pedestrian, you were hit by an uninsured driver.
  • You were a passenger in a vehicle that an uninsured motorist struck.

Every day, we handle situations involving car accidents at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. Our staff knows how to achieve just compensation in uninsured or underinsured instances despite the numerous complexity of Connecticut insurance law. We will aim for the best result when we represent you. In some circumstances, we may need to file a lawsuit against your insurance provider. Even though it may seem strange or wrong to you, this is frequently the only method to resolve an insurance issue. It won’t raise your insurance costs.

Claims involving uninsured and underinsured drivers might include complicated circumstances that could lead an insurer to reject a claim or decline to compensate you fairly for your losses. You might want assistance from a Connecticut automobile accident attorney in order to get the compensation you are entitled to.

If you need an uninsured motorist accident lawyer in CT, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have a significant amount of expertise in handling cases involving hit-and-run incidents, uninsured motorist claims, and underinsured motorist claims. Fill out the contact form on our website or call 203-826-2967 to contact our team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

The aftermath of an automobile accident is challenging enough. However, when an uninsured or underinsured driver is involved in an accident, the legal situation can quickly become quite complicated. You can be required to cover your medical expenses as well as other costs, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Never accept less than you deserve. If an uninsured driver caused your injury, get in touch with Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers right away to begin the process and obtain the compensation you need and deserve.


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