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Key evidence to obtain after a truck accident

The large commercial trucks that travel Connecticut roads can pose a danger to people in passenger vehicles. Trucks are massive compared to most cars, and when they are involved in collisions, there are often fatalities. If you had the misfortune of a truck hitting you, the experience was probably very traumatic. Gathering evidence at the scene may have been difficult, but if you did manage to get some information, it could help with your personal injury claim.

Photos and phone numbers

Most people carry a smartphone with a camera, so hopefully, you managed to snap some photos of the accident scene. If you couldn’t do that, it’s possible that there were other accident victims or bystanders who took photos. Asking any eyewitnesses for their contact information can be important after an accident. These people may be able to provide witness testimony for a future case.

Get the official police report

The official police report may contain all the evidence that is required to file a personal injury claim. It’s crucial that you get this record of the accident, especially if there were no other witnesses. If the police tested the truck driver for drugs or alcohol, the police report may have this information. Your case will be stronger if the police filed charges against the truck driver.

Check the electronic driving logs

By federal law, truck drivers must document their driving hours and break times to ensure that they are complying with Hours of Service regulations. Most trucks are fitted with Electronic Logging Devices that automatically record driving and break times. You should request these driving logs after an accident because you may find some evidence of the trucker’s negligence.

Ask a lawyer about writing a spoliation letter

After a truck accident, there may be a lot of evidence that the trucker and his or her employer controls. A truck accidents lawyer may send them a spoliation letter, which is a request to preserve all evidence related to the crash. Attorneys often send spoliation letters to the liable parties in auto accidents.

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