Connecticut Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Connecticut Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer


When you bought insurance for your car, house or health care, you rightfully expected the insurer to honor its policy terms after you experienced:

  • An auto accident
  • A disaster, such as a storm, fire or mechanical failure
  • An injury or illness


Bad Faith Insurance LawyerHowever, now the insurer refuses to pay. This may have happened after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or liability. Have you filed a homeowner’s insurance claim after suffering a dog bite injury? You and your lawyer may have filed a claim with the dog owner’s insurance or another property owner’s insurance, seeking compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering, but that insurer is now playing hardball.

What Obstacles Has An Insurer Put In Front Of You?

You may have read and understood the terms at the time. You might have followed the rules carefully, but the insurer has refused to pay when you need benefits the most. The payments you should have coming to you are being held up by unreasonable obstacles. The insurer may have found some loophole by which they allege you:

  • Are ineligible
  • Paid a premium late
  • Do not meet some threshold of injury or loss
  • Made irreparable mistakes when filing your claim


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Insurers have used countless excuses to avoid making good on issued policies for which they have been collecting premiums for years. Our personal injury law firm, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, has years of experience representing injured and wronged plaintiffs in Connecticut. Let us explain how we can help. Learn for yourself why we receive many referrals from satisfied clients, defense lawyers and judges who witness our skills in action.

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We have successfully overcome many denials and delays by insurers – sometimes through bad faith lawsuits. An attorney from the firm is available to evaluate your case and determine the most advantageous way to pursue maximum damages for your losses. To schedule a consultation, call 800-PERKINS or inquire online. The Power of Perkins is waiting for you.