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Many motorcycle accidents have common causes

A lot of Connecticut residents enjoy riding motorcycles when the weather is good, especially during the summer season. Many highly experienced riders know the dangers they face while on the roadways and that the single most common factor in motorcycle accidents is alcohol. Federal highway studies show that alcohol is a factor in about half of all motorcycling mishaps with the rider often the one who did the drinking. Cut out the beer, wine and liquor, and you stand a greater chance of enjoying your motorcycling adventures without any accidents.

How other drivers commonly cause accidents

The next most common cause of motorcycle accidents is other drivers and especially ones executing a left-hand turn. Many drivers turn left and simply do not see a motorcyclist already in the lane. That leads to either the biker riding into the side of the car or the car turning into the motorcycle and knocking rider and bike to the pavement. Other common driver-caused accidents happen when changing lanes, rear-ending a motorcycle or opening a door that suddenly blocks the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

Rider error and riding conditions cause problems

Many riders wind up in single-vehicle accidents while on a motorcycle due to simple rider error. They might enter a turn too fast for conditions when it is raining or when the road surface is slippery. Gravel, loose sand and other debris hidden along a turn can be especially dangerous for an unwary rider. Likewise, a biker who panics and suddenly locks up the front brake is heading for a crash.

No matter the cause, motorcycle crashes can lead to especially debilitating injuries and ongoing pain and suffering. An attorney often might be helpful to fend off insurers, hold the correct party at fault and seek compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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