Vehicle Damage Claims

Vehicle Damage Claims

Auto insurance disputes usually involve property damage claims. Connecticut automobile accidents can often leave a car so damaged that it is beyond repair and is unable to be used. After a wreck, an insurance provider will determine if the vehicle requires extensive repairs or if it has been “totaled.”

Vehicle Damage Claims

If your vehicle was damaged in a Connecticut auto accident, you may be eligible to recover losses for the cost of repair.

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Total-Loss Auto Accidents: What Are They?

When the cost to repair a vehicle is equal to 75 percent of the actual cash value (ACV), the car is declared a total loss. Once it is determined that your vehicle is a total loss, the at-fault party’s insurance company will need to decide what they will pay you for your car.

An insurance provider is required to furnish you with the ACV of the vehicle. The ACV, also known as the fair market value, is the amount of money a reasonable person would pay for the car. It is important that you provide the insurance company with as much information as possible that would increase your vehicle’s ACV, including any improvements made to the car.

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Get Compensation For Rental Car Fees

Connecticut auto accident victims sometimes need an alternative mode of transportation after suffering property damage. A loss-of-use claim, also called rental reimbursement, allows property damage victims to seek compensation for car rental fees.

Insurance companies will often refuse to compensate rental fees until after they have investigated the collision. A car crash victim may be reimbursed for rental fees once the insurance company has determined that the crash was caused by another’s actions, but the reimbursement may come with limitations. It is important to consult with a property damage attorney before accepting an offer from the insurance company.

Connecticut Property Damage Lawyers

At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, our property damage attorneys are well-versed in Connecticut auto accident law and have the resources necessary to successfully prepare and litigate your property damage lawsuit. For more information on the legal rights available to auto accident victims, contact our Connecticut property damage lawyers by completing the Free Case Evaluation form on this page. You can also contact us by sending an email or calling 800-PERKINS.