Practice Area: Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

After a car accident, your life may never be the same again. A serious collision can be emotionally and financially devastating and may affect your life for several years afterward. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, our attorneys understand the fear

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Types Of Car Accidents

With over three million car accident injuries occurring annually, car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury nationwide. Car accidents can result in physical injuries, property damage, financial losses, and sometimes can lead to wrongful death to

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Connecticut Auto Accident Laws

The roadway and “at-fault” laws across the U.S vary from state to state – making it somewhat confusing for motorists that either travel interstate for work, or those that are simply vacationing from another state. This is especially relevant for

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Causes Of Car Accidents

In a study recently released by the U.S Dept of Transportation, it was noted that over 32,000 people died on America’s roads in 2010, with an estimated 2.2 million people injured on our roads in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents

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Auto Insurance Liability

Connecticut drivers are required to purchase some form of insurance coverage in order to legally drive in the state. Auto insurance is amongst the most regularly utilized types of personal insurance, justifying the purchase of auto insurance as an essential

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Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating is among the most dangerous activities that a motorist can exhibit on the road today, according to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is the action of traveling too closely behind a vehicle. Approximately one-third

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Side-Impact Collisions

According to the United States Office of Health, Safety and Security, side-impact collisions cause over 9,000 fatalities nationwide, with the only type of auto accident that has a higher fatality rate being head-on collisions. In addition to the increased risk

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Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are responsible for the wrongful death of approximately 10,000 people across the country each year – attributing to almost one-third of all auto accident fatalities nationwide. A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle ends up on its side

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Red-Light Accidents

Red-light collisions have been a growing issue in the country for the last several years. A number of propositions have been made to deter the amount of drivers who speed through red lights. However, safety measures such as red light

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Hit-And-Run Accidents

A hit-and-run accident is when a driver is involved in an automotive collision and does not stop to identify him or herself at the scene of the collision. While the majority of these accidents are fender-benders that only cause property

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