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Preventing truck accidents is a concerted effort

More people are dying in vehicle accidents that involve large trucks: that is, vehicles over 10,000 pounds. In fact, 2019 saw the highest number of such fatalities in 30 years. It represented a 1% increase from the previous year, and this was in spite of the fact that road accident deaths went down overall from 36,560 to 36,120 in that time. Connecticut residents may want to know more about preventing such accidents.

How passenger vehicle drivers can avoid accidents

Driver error is behind most accidents between trucks and passenger vehicles, and it’s more often the passenger vehicle drivers who are at fault. Drivers can make a positive impact simply by staying safe and not tailgating or cutting off trucks. Other negligent behaviors that must be avoided include:

• Driving while intoxicated
• Using a phone behind the wheel
• Speeding and driving too fast for road conditions
• Driving without taking regular breaks

The part played by truckers and trucking companies

That’s not to say truckers are entirely innocent. Long-haul truck drivers are especially prone to drowsiness and may distract themselves by using a phone, eating, drinking or playing loud music. Some truckers drive after developing health conditions like mobility issues and seizures. This is where trucking companies should come in with increased monitoring for physical impediments and for drug and alcohol use.

A lawyer for personal attention

When truckers are to blame for motor vehicle accidents, trucking companies may face a personal injury claim from the other side. Insurance companies may become the defendants in the event that a trucker is an owner-operator. You will be the plaintiff seeking compensatory damages if you were not responsible for your injuries. A lawyer may be able to help build your case up and then proceed to settlement negotiations.

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