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Safe Riding Tips

Statistically, motorcycle collisions maintain the highest fatality rate of any type of motor vehicle accident. Often associated with the most severe and debilitating injuries, it is absolutely critical for riders to be well-versed on motorcycle riding safety tips. In doing so, the motorcycle riders in Connecticut will place themselves in the best position to avoid a traffic crash. As more and more motorists enter the roads and highways of Connecticut, regularly refreshing motorcycle riding safety tips is essential to keeping the roadways safe.

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Before Getting On The Road

Some of the most essential motorcycle safety tips involve a number of activities to be completed prior to getting on the road. First and foremost, motorcyclists must make sure that every function on the bike is working properly. Check brake, turning signals, fuel levels and test the lights. These steps are critical to take before starting any bike ride.

In addition to checking the motorcycle’s functions, those who have not taken a ride in a while are encouraged to practice prior to getting on the roads. In addition, motorists must check the cables, lube the chain, and adjust any necessary mirrors, seats, or other functions to ensure safe riding. Our Hartford motorcycle lawyers suggest enrolling in a refresher course to guarantee all safety habits are remembered and utilized.

Proper Motorcycle Gear

Wearing the proper motorcycle gear is often the difference between life and death when a motor vehicle collision occurs. Motorcycle riders, especially those who ride often, tend to grow comfortable with the streets and roadways in which they operate their bikes. Unfortunately, this familiarity often leads to a lack of safety gear and a serious problem in the event of a crash. We recommend that all Connecticut motorcyclists wear the following safety gear while riding:

  • Helmet: A high-quality helmet is often the difference between an injury and a fatality in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, adult riders in Connecticut are not legally required to wear a helmet. However, statistical evidence highlights the vast importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Helmet use reduces the risk of auto accident head and neck damage by 30 percent.
  • Leather Jackets And Pants: Road rash is one of the most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents. As such, it is imperative for riders to wear a leather jacket and leather pants to protect their bodies from abrasions and other injuries linked to sliding on a paved road.
  • Eye Protection: Many helmets come with a face shield, however, if your helmet does not it is imperative to wear some type of eye protection. Eye protection helps to increase visibility and protects the rider’s eyes from dirt and debris while riding.
  • Gloves: Non-slip, durable gloves are helpful in protecting the hands of a motorcycle rider. When weather conditions become adverse, gloves will play an important role in keeping the rider safe.
  • Boots And Sneakers: Proper footwear is essential for helping to cover ankles and protect the foot of a rider. Footwear has proven to prevent severe injuries in the case of an accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries during a bike crash, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is prepared to take on your case today.

Important Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Keeping a few simple safety tips in mind will help both motorcycle riders and the operators of passenger vehicles to avoid collisions. “Sharing the road” has continually been a concept that both motorists and riders have had trouble following. However, when all drivers keep these tips in mind, they will be better prepared to account for bikers on the roads. Remember the following safety tips while operating any type of motor vehicle:

  • Adhere to the posted speed limit
  • Know the limits of your motorcycle
  • Always use turning signals
  • Avoid tailgating
  • Never drive recklessly or aggressively
  • Be aware of other vehicle’s blind spots
  • Never weave through traffic

The small structure of a motorcycle often promotes the reckless, careless driving habits of many Connecticut motorcyclists. Therefore, it is essential for all Connecticut drivers to be aware of this fact and adjust driving practices accordingly. Far too many accident victims suffer at the hands of driver negligence and careless driving behaviors.

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