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What are the 5 most dangerous roads in Bridgeport?

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but certain conditions make some roads more dangerous than others. On average, more accidents happen on rural roads than freeways. Is that the case in Bridgeport?

Although residents may have their own opinion on which roads are the most dangerous in Bridgeport, here are the statistics for collisions in 2019:

  1. S. Route 1 is the most dangerous road in Bridgeport. There were 455 motor vehicle accidents in 2019, down from the 542 accidents in 2018.
  2. The second most dangerous is Park Avenue, with 172 accidents.
  3. Route 127 ranks number three, with 161 collisions.
  4. Barnum Avenue is the fourth most hazardous road, with 146 accidents.
  5. Finally, there were 71 accidents on Noble Avenue No. 1.

On these five roadways alone, there were 1,005 accidents in just one year. In order to stay safe while traveling on these roads, drivers should be alert and cautious.

Are there safety precautions in place?

The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Safety Engineering Unit has already taken action to increase road traffic safety, with:

  • Centerline rumble strips
  • High friction surface treatment
  • Flashing signs

Although these safety measures should help decrease accidents, there are other safety threats driver face.

There are other factors to consider

The most dangerous element that leads to collisions all over the United States is driver error. Failing to account for road conditions, texting and driving, or lack of experience can lead to devastating car accidents. Drivers should always pay attention and watch out for:

  • Road construction
  • Distracted drivers
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Drunk or drugged drivers
  • Wet/slippery roads

Defensive driving can help avoid accidents. Sadly, safe drivers cannot control the actions of an unsafe driver, so even the most reliable drivers can find themselves dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

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