Why do pedestrian accidents occur?

Drivers and pedestrians may go about their business without any problems for years and years. However, accidents happen, and pedestrians and vehicles may collide on a Connecticut street. A pedestrian’s injuries could be severe and costly, leading to a lawsuit. Most pedestrians would likely wish to avoid an accident rather than suffer the effects. Understanding some reasons why pedestrian/vehicle accidents occur might cut down on their prevalence.

Adhering to basic safety

Pedestrians may find it best to avoid jaywalking, avoid darting out in the middle of the street, and cross at the intersection. Drivers that come to a complete stop at corners and stop signs could do their part to reduce accidents. Unfortunately, drivers and pedestrians don’t always emphasize safety.

Drivers turning at an intersection should make sure they have the right of way. Has the walk sign shut off? If not, the turn may be an illegal one. Drivers backing out of a parking space or an alleyway need to be extra cautious. A pedestrian might not see them, so caution becomes vital.

Driving slow when near joggers and pedestrians might make things much safer for everyone. Following the speed limit could boost safety dramatically. The same could be said about other traffic rules, such as using a turn signal.

Egregious actions by drivers

Drivers who are intoxicated put pedestrians and other road users at a significant risk. Driving under the influence may lead to legal claims of negligence that are hard to defend.

Distracted driving may be commonplace, but it’s not acceptable. Drivers must avoid activities to take attention away from the road or else risk an accident.

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians could lead to a lawsuit. Many times, the accident could result in an amicable settlement with the insurance company. Victims might wish to discuss their options with a personal injury attorney.