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Winter Car Care Tips

Recent studies from Science Daily indicate that upwards of 24 percent of all motor vehicle collisions take place due to some form of bad weather. Adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rains have the ability to significantly impact a motorist’s ability to drive safely. In 2011, there were 17 fatalities due to winter storms. In the United States, Connecticut ranks amongst the top states for dangerous winter weather influencing safe driving.

With over 1.5 million weather-related traffic collisions each year, Bridgeport, Connecticut, motorists must prepare their vehicles to navigate icy, snowy roads. Approximately 15 percent of weather-related accidents happen during some sort of sleet or snow. In addition, 13 percent of crashes occur on icy pavement and 11 percent occur on snowy or slushy pavement.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, estimates of 629,300 people are killed each year due to adverse weather conditions. Winter weather affects a vehicle’s mobility, as well as the driver’s visibility. If you or a loved one has been injured during Connecticut winters, a Bridgeport car accident lawyer from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is here to guide you through the legal process.

Winter Car Care In Bridgeport, Connecticut

The winter season has a significant impact on the roads and highway conditions in Bridgeport, Connecticut. States located in snowy regions make up more than 70 percent of the roads across the nation. In these areas, such as Connecticut, more than five inches of snowfall is received each year. While state and local agencies allocated $2.3 billion to control snow and ice on the roads, thousands of accidents occur each year due to poor weather conditions.

As a result, Connecticut drivers must make an extra effort to prepare for the winter season by maintaining their vehicle and getting it ready for the snow, ice and pending road conditions. If an accident does occur due to adverse winter weather, a Bridgeport car accident lawyer is essential to recovering compensation.

Following these tips will “winterize” your car, placing you in the best position to avoid a collision on the roads of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Pre-Winter Prep

A proactive approach to car preparation is important when preparing your car for the winter elements. Be sure to participate in some form or pre-winter maintenance to make sure that the functionality of individual parts is adequate. Check battery conditions, brakes, tires, lights, windshield wipers, freezing levels of the engine antifreeze, and additional features on the car that may be affected by snow or ice. The cooling system is a vital aspect of winterizing your vehicle, be sure to check that the condition is stable.


Many Connecticut residents choose to purchase winter tires to trek through the snowy, icy roads in Bridgeport. Car dealerships will commonly store winter tires for their customers to purchase for a minimal fee. In addition, drivers should ensure that their tire pressure is checked frequently during the winter. As the temperatures fluctuate, as does the tire pressure in your vehicle’s tires. Be sure to keep a regular check on pressure.

Under The Hood

Check your battery prior to making any trips during the winter months. Connecticut drivers typically cannot start their car because of a dead battery during this season. In addition, be on the lookout for corroded terminals surrounding the battery. Oil inspection is also a good idea, check for quality in both oil and oil filter. Drivers must also make sure that the windshield wipers on their vehicles are winter wipers. Finally, nonfreezing washer fluid must be purchased.

Vehicle Exterior

After a snow storm, cars are typically covered with snow and ice, blocking the view of the motorist. Windshield and all windows must be properly cleared of all ice and snow remnants to keep the vehicle safe. Connecticut residents have also pointed out the benefit of waxing your car before winter, as well as regularly cleaning to keep moisture away.

Driving In Winter

Visibility is often limited in winter season in Connecticut. Prior to starting your vehicle, motorists must wipers to de-ice their cars. Navigating the roads and highways during these months is challenging, as conditions are unpredictable. An aware driver is a safe driver during the winter season, if you notice another driver neglecting to adjust to slippery roads, safely pull to a lane away from this motorist. Modified driving habits are essential to safely getting from point A to point B. Finally, keeping safety supplies inside of your vehicle is helpful, especially if heavy snow leaves you trapped in your vehicle for a few hours. Motorists in Bridgeport should keep jumper cables, a flashlight, a blanket, shovel, first-aid kit, ice scrapers and flares in their vehicle at all times.

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