Nursing home neglect is generally the cause of all bedsores in elderly patients. However, it is important to note that nursing home neglect can quickly turn into nursing home abuse. Family members and loved ones of an elderly patient must be fully aware of the state that they currently in. Due to the fact that so many cases of nursing home abuse fly under the radar, relatives and loved ones must carefully document the state of their elderly loved ones.

Bedsores are most commonly caused by nursing home abuse and neglect in the form of:

  • Failure to regularly changes linens and bedsheets
  • Improper nutrition or hydration
  • Leaving a patient alone for a lengthy time period
  • Failure to quickly change soiled clothes and diapers
  • Failure to make regular checks for bedsores
  • Failure to report signs of bedsores to medical staff
  • Improper policies in regard to rotating bedridden patients

Nursing home abuse and neglect comes in a variety of forms. The above are the most common causes of bedsores; however, those with a loved one in a nursing home must remember to pay close attention to their overall health. Bedsores occur quickly and are difficult to treat, the sooner the onset of these medical issues is caught, the better position the elderly will be in.

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Preventing Bedsores

The more active those family members and loved ones become in the elder’s life, the easier it will be to determine if, in fact, nursing home abuse is occurring. Bedridden patients must be taken care of in a special manner in order to prevent bedsores. Nevertheless, research continues to find that large numbers of nursing home employees are neglecting to perform their job properly.

The following are some of the best methods for preventing bedsores:

  • Make sure skin is always clean and dry
  • Position should be changed every two hours
  • To relieve pressure, use things like pillows and other products to place the elder in a comfortable position
  • Refrain from laying on hip bone
  • Use a pressure reducing mattress
  • Perform daily skin inspections
  • Change any bandages regularly
  • Provide proper nutrition for patients
  • Participate in some form of exercise everyday

The above prevention tips play an enormous role in keeping the elderly community safe and healthy in the nursing homes across the nation. If one of your loved ones is living in a nursing home in Connecticut, be sure to check that these prevention exercises are taking place each and every day.

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