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Construction Truck Accident
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Road Construction Truck Accident

Road construction in the state of Connecticut may last for quite a few months as workers labor to prepare the roads for safer and more secure travel. As Connecticut residents pass through these work zone areas, they often neglect to pay attention to the traffic signs warning of the oncoming construction zone. Unfortunately, due to both the length of stay and the location in which they work, construction workers are susceptible to a number of serious injuries due to road construction truck accidents.

Road Construction Truck Accident

All Connecticut work zones have a number of traffic warning signs alerting passing vehicles of the construction work taking place up ahead. As these workers labor alongside moving traffic, often while maneuvering heavy machinery and equipment, they are put at serious risk of being injured or killed by distracted, inattentive, and negligent drivers.

Therefore, all road construction truck crashes present a threat to both the truckers and workers involved in a collision. In fact, these particular accidents contribute largely to the number of serious and fatal trailer crashes that occur each year in Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. If you or a loved one has survived a work zone collision, you must contact an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorney to assist you in your time of need.

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Connecticut residents will likely notice an abundance of construction work zones during the warmer months in the spring and summer seasons, as the weather conditions lend themselves working outside on the roadways. During this time, the workers alongside the road are faced with a number of challenges, most circulating the difficulty in operating large equipment and heavy machinery while being mindful of passing traffic.


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Unfortunately, with an abundance of duties to focus on, these construction workers are at severe risk each and every time they are unaware of oncoming traffic. Road construction zone accidents, however, are often caused by passing trucks that are unaware of their surroundings, changes in speed, and posted traffic warning signals. When this negligence becomes excessive, the likelihood of a collision increases significantly. Below is an overview of the most typically seen causes of road construction zone accidents in the state of Connecticut.

  • Distracted Drivers

One of the leading causes of work zone collisions is a lack of awareness. Distracted driving presents a threat to any and all road travel; however, when distractions take place within a construction zone the potential injuries become catastrophic. Slow-moving, enormous pieces of machinery are used in the majority of work zones. When large machinery, heavy equipment, and a distracted driver combine, the results are commonly fatal. When a driver is unaware of the work zone ahead due to a distraction, they may neglect to slow speeds, merge into new lanes, or acknowledge the presence of workers altogether. Therefore, Connecticut motorists must make every effort to stay fully alert while operating a vehicle in a road construction zone.

  • Speeding

Road construction zone accidents are often caused because the driver of the at-fault vehicle is unaware of any changes in speeds. Almost every work zone will have a posted speed limit present, both within and prior to the work area, indicating to oncoming drivers that they must reduce speeds. In fact, much of the traffic in these zones is stop-and-go, signifying an even slower speed. Failing to obey the posted speed limit is one of the leading causes of road construction zone accidents.

  • Merging Problems

Work zone construction commonly requires motorists to alter the lanes in which they typically travel along to suit the current work taking place. Common in highway construction zones, motorists are to follow posted traffic signs warning that they must merge into a new lane. Unfortunately, these high-speed lane merges often end in debilitating injuries or traffic fatalities, as inattentive drivers neglect to merge into the appropriate lane in time.

  • Disobeying Posted Traffic Directions, Caution Signals Or Temporary Construction Signs

Construction zones will be provided an abundance of warning signs for oncoming drivers to make adjustments in order to reflect the current working areas. These signs indicate detours, merges up ahead, and a number of other critical pieces of driving information. Utter disregard for these signs, often due to a reckless driver, may result in a traffic fatality or catastrophic injury. The drivers who disobey these signals place themselves, passing vehicles, and all workers at serious risk of harm.


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