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Runaway Truck Trailers

A runaway trailer collision occurs when the speed of a truck is mismatched with the speed of the attached trailer. Oftentimes, the excessive speed of the trailer actually forces the body of the truck to veer out of control, causing serious damage and catastrophic injuries to any parties involved. In other cases, the trailer completely detaches from the truck, causing utter destruction everywhere in its path until coming to a stop. Due to the size and structure of both the truck and the trailer, when a runaway trailer accident takes place the damages and injuries associated with the aftermath are often debilitating, sometimes fatal.

Runaway Truck Trailers

Connecticut truck drivers must maintain a number of qualifications in order to operate a large commercial vehicle within the state. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has outlined a detailed set of rules and regulations that all truckers must abide by in order to keep the roads and highways in Connecticut and the entire country safe and secure. In fact, truckers in Connecticut must pass a number of skills tests to ensure that they are properly equipped to handle and operate such a large truck.

While these Connecticut truckers are licensed to ensure that they are fully aware of safe driving and loading habits, even a slight fraction of inattention can be the difference of life and death when it comes to driving such an enormous truck. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries due to a runaway trailer, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is prepared to take on your case today.

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What Are The Causes Of Runaway Trailer Collisions?

Most auto accidents today happen in a split second; even a brief moment of inattention behind the wheel can truly be the difference between life and death. A simple mechanical error can trigger a set of catastrophic events leading to a number of serious injuries for accident victims involved. While many factors may contribute to a runaway trailer-truck accident, some causes are far more likely to occur than others. Below we outline the most commonly seen causes of trailer collisions in the state of Connecticut.

  • Brake Failure and/or Equipment Defects

The truck and trailer braking system are designed to coordinate with one another. However, when the trailer’s brakes are not working in combination with the tractor’s brakes, the trailer may detach from the truck. In addition, when equipment is faulty and not properly inspected, the trailer may be improperly attached and susceptible to detachment, especially at high speeds during highway travel. Sadly, runaway trailer collision caused by this type of malfunction is 100% preventable.

  • Speeding

Truckers are held responsible for operating their vehicle in the safest manner possible. When speeds increase on the roads, truck drivers are to adjust their speeds to meet the demand of traffic flow, the current condition of the roads, and the capability of the truck based upon the cargo load being carried. When a trucker neglects to adjust speeds to reflect these elements, the trailer may detach from the tractor.

  • Overloaded Trailer

Every trucker is aware of the legal limit in which the cargo inside the trailer must weigh. In order to safely navigate the Connecticut roadways, truckers must regularly check the weight of their loads to ensure that they are not exceeding the limit of 80,000 pounds. If the cargo weighs in excess of the legal limit, a number of consequences may follow. Tire blowouts, brake failure and a number of additional results may occur in this case, including a runaway trailer situation.

  • Steep Decline

When a truck is traveling down a steep decline, it must reduce speeds. Unfortunately, this places an immense amount of pressure on the brakes of the vehicle. In this situation, a Hartford truck accident attorney would need to determine whether the collision was caused because the road was poorly designed or the trucker was negligent.

  • Unexpected or Sudden Turns

Jackknife accidents often occur when the trucker is forced to take an unexpected or sudden turn, causing the trailer to detach from the body of the truck. If the turn made by the trucker was determined to be the cause of the runaway trailer, then the truck driver will likely be held liable for any associated damages, injuries and costs.

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