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Truck Accident
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Tanker Truck Accident

Commonly seen on roads and highways in the United States, tanker or tank trucks are most often used to carry and transport massive amounts of liquids. While any collision with a large truck is certainly dangerous, tanker crashes present an elevated level of potential danger due to the liquid inside of the tanks, which often catch on fire or explode in the event of a collision.

Tanker Truck Accident

Liquid cargo presents a wide range of potential hazards that differ vastly from other types of freight. For instance, tank trucks that are underfilled present a “slosh factor” that causes the liquid loads to become insecure, often causing the trucker to lose control of the vehicle and crash into surrounding cars and trucks. When a tanker collision occurs, the truck tends to roll and continue to roll much farther than its commercial vehicle counterparts.

There are a number of very strict laws regarding tanker trucks and loading practices. The weight of the truck is calculated based upon the volume of the liquid inside. Unfortunately, the typical liquid carried is much denser than that of water, creating a potential problem if the truck is overloaded. When a tank truck is less than three-quarters full it has a greatly increased risk of a rollover crash.

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The Dangers Of Tanker Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks contribute about 5,000 traffic fatalities annually in the United States. Collisions involving tankers are typically among the most severe of all types of commercial truck collisions due to a variety of factors. First and foremost, the sheer size and weight of a tank truck makes it difficult for the vehicle to stop quickly, causing quite a large number of crashes. In addition, tankers are unable to maneuver smoothly due to both the structure and loads being carried. These factors often lead to a number of different jackknife truck crashes, as well as other catastrophic incidents.


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While any crash involving an 80,000 pound vehicle is incredibly dangerous, tank truck collisions present an elevated level of danger. There are a variety of potential hazards that exist in tanker truck collisions that are unique to these particular vehicles. Below, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has outlined the most hazardous dangers that exist in tank truck crashes.

  • Chemical Burns

Tanker trucks often carry a variety of hazardous liquids within their loads. Transporting these liquids, often chemicals, present another set of potential risks for the trucker and any other vehicle involved in a collision with this truck. For instance, many tank trucks carry radioactive materials. When a crash occurs, these radioactive materials place all of those involved in the collision in dangers as well as any surrounding people.

  • Explosions

While an explosion is a possible outcome of any serious crash, tank trucks are especially prone to explosions following a severe collision. When the liquids being carried in the tanker are at all flammable, and the majority is in fact flammable, any crash occurring with another vehicle or object may result in a large explosion which places all of those in close proximity in severe danger.

  • Fires

Much of the liquid cargo being transported on a tank truck is flammable. From gases to oils and many other petroleum products, the contents within the tank are subject to catch on fire in the event of a crash. Burn injuries suffered during these collisions are some of the most debilitating injuries, as they often leave permanent scarring in the crash victims who have been burned.

  • Leaks and Spills

The threat of a leak or spill in a tank truck comes in a variety of forms. In some cases, even when a crash does not cause a leak or spill, a defect of some kind may cause the liquid inside of the tank to slowly leak out or spill. When this occurs, a number of additional threats are present to both the truck driver and any other motorists in the near area of the tank truck.

  • Sloshing

Sloshing is among the most common occurrences in among tank trucks. When the liquid load being carried is not full, often a load at three-fourths capacity, sloshing takes place which refers to the movement of the liquid within the tank. When sloshing occurs, the trucker may lose control of the vehicle and a number of potential collisions may occur due to the shifting of weight in the trailer.

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