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 Dental Injuries

Each year, motor vehicle incidents in the United States injure millions of accident victims. Traffic congestion makes driving unsafe as more and more drivers use the roads in Connecticut and other populated areas around the nation. Even some of the more modest incidents can result in a broad variety of injuries for the passengers involved, even though the severity of injuries often correlates with the force of contact in an automobile accident.

One of the most frequent forms of injuries sustained in a car accident is facial trauma, especially dental injuries. Accident victims in Connecticut frequently suffer from oral injuries, also known as temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ) injuries. Unfortunately, a significant portion of incidents involving oral injuries were brought on by driving mistakes. Numerous deadly car accidents have been caused by reckless driving.

One of the most frequent injuries from car accidents in New Haven is whiplash. However, depending on the location of impact, passengers have been known to sustain jaw, head, face, and mouth injuries in crashes. Whiplash injury mostly affects the neck. Unfortunately, many accident victims who have oral injuries decide to ignore their discomfort, which frequently results in even more serious problems.

For many years, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has offered competent legal counsel to Connecticut citizens all around the state. With locations in Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford, we are conveniently positioned for all drivers in Connecticut. Our Bridgeport personal injury lawyers can assist if you or a loved one has suffered dental damage in an accident.

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Types of Common and Serious Dental Injuries

Dental injuries are a frequent result of automobile accidents and may generally be split into two categories: direct injury and indirect damage. Direct dental injuries are those caused by anything impacting the head or mouth. In contrast, an indirect dental injury occurs when the mouth suddenly closes while still being open, crushing the lower jaw’s teeth beneath the upper teeth of the jaw. When an accident victim has a mouth injury, they experience severe discomfort.

Highway traffic accidents frequently result in more serious injuries since the increase in speed directly correlates to the power of contact. While medical care will differ depending on the severity of the damage, a dentist should treat all dental injuries. The three most typical dental injuries brought on by car accidents are as follows:

Tooth Fractures

Acute oral trauma is frequently brought on by catastrophic vehicular accidents. Treatment is necessary to repair a dental fractured tooth. Dental fractures are often divided into three groups by dentists: Ellis I, Ellis II, and Ellis III.

  • Ellis I injuries happen when the crown fracture just penetrates the tooth enamel. Victims should check for jagged edges in this scenario since they won’t notice any color changes or feel any discomfort.
  • An enamel and dentin layer fracture is referred to as an Ellis II injury. When exposed to air and touched, these injured teeth are sensitive. Additionally, the dentin typically has a discernible yellow hue that may be observed under a microscope.
  • Ellis III injuries happen when the enamel, dentin, and pulp layers are fractured. The core of the tooth is damaged during this form of tooth fracture, leaving a prominent pink, crimson, or even blood stain with a sensitivity similar to Ellis II wounds.

Dental Luxation

The term dental luxation describes when a tooth is accidentally knocked loose but not totally knocked out. In these cases, the broken tooth might travel backward, forward, or sideways. While the tooth is normally pushed back into its socket to repair this injury, it is still vital to see a dentist to make sure no other damage has occurred.

Blunt Force Injury Tooth Loss

Avulsed teeth have been completely knocked out of their sockets. Accident sufferers are advised to retrieve lost teeth by the crown rather than the roots. The tooth should be promptly placed in a plastic container with saline solution, saliva, or whole milk after being picked up by the crown. Sadly, accident victims who cannot receive medical attention to put their teeth back in their mouth within two hours after the event frequently lose their teeth.

Can Dental Injuries Occur as a Result of Medical Malpractice?

Yes, it can. Dental malpractice occurs when a dental practitioner fails to give a diagnosis and treatment that satisfies the accepted standards of the dental community. When a dentist departs from these established norms and the patient suffers harm as a result, this is considered malpractice.

It’s critical to understand that not all unfortunate outcomes are due to dental negligence. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of dentists and dental hygienists, patients may not recover as well as desired or anticipated. In other situations, it is easy to prove dental negligence, but filing a claim would not be wise because there is no harm that can be linked to the misconduct.

However, in situations when malpractice has occurred and significant damage has resulted, a competent attorney can be crucial to pursue a successful claim. In order to address the financial, medical, and emotional effects of negligence, we can help you pursue compensation. To discover more about your possibilities, speak with a dental injury attorney.

Can Dental Injuries Occur as a Result of a Car Accident?

Yes, and it can be quite common. Car accident victims frequently don’t feel their injuries right away after the collision. Many different kinds of injuries can be concealed by the flow of adrenaline in a person’s body. Some people might not become fully aware of the magnitude of their injuries for several hours or even days. Because of the substantial impact caused by an automobile collision, persons may suffer damage to their teeth. Teeth can easily be broken when the face strikes a steering wheel, airbag, or another object. You should get counsel from Dental Injury Attorneys since some insurance companies might not take these injuries seriously.

Understanding the value of the damage is essential to recovering from oral injuries sustained in a vehicle accident. This will depend on what has happened and what dental work has to be done. A plaintiff’s capacity to eat and other behaviors can be permanently altered. A person may occasionally suffer aesthetic harm to their look, which has an effect on their livelihood and confidence. In this instance, the plaintiff’s suffering extends beyond only tooth injury to include the detrimental effects it has on other facets of their life.

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The numerous stressors connected to motor vehicle incidents in Connecticut frequently overwhelm crash victims. For many years, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has provided legal counsel to the people of Connecticut. Since then, we’ve assembled a solid group of legal experts who devote their lives to fighting for the rights of all Connecticut drivers.

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